Release 0.1

My task was to change the contents of a file from “var” to either “const” or “let” in a file named fs.write.spec.js found in the /test/spec directory.

Reason being is that “var” is no longer common practice in modern JavaScript, it is a depreciated term to be replaced by “let” or “const”.

What is interesting is that Angluar’s typescript actually does not support “let”, only “const” and “var” this is interesting because typescript is a superset of JavaScript so anything you do in typescript will work in JavaScript, not that using the “var” variable will break anything but one would imagine the 2 languages would share the same variables.

My issue ->

My Pull-Request (PR) ->

PR I reviewed ->

In order to review someone else’s work I checked to see what they were trying to accomplish, I then checked their committed files and looked for changes they made and tried to see if there was anything missing or an alteration which would break the code.  Afterwards I checked the Check section to make sure the code passed all checks (there was 1 on travis).  Once I got all the information that everything was okay to push back into the master branch I endorsed the PR.

Talking to some of my fellow peers in class regarding Github I noticed that a lot of people prefer to use the GUI of Github rather than command line.  I would always debate that performing git on the command line is more beneficial in most cases over the GUI because anyone can use the GUI, you don’t even need to be studying computer science and you can use the GUI and perform certain actions, but there will be scenarios in life where you do not have a GUI and need to use only the terminal/shell and if you don’t put yourself in those situations early on you will be content with the GUI until one day you will find yourself in a predicament where you need to use the terminal and then you will enter a new learning curve, whereas if you learn the terminal first then the learning curve for the GUI will be minimal.

I personally made all my changes using VIM for this release, reason being was that the changes were small and I did not need to traverse through different folders to find files etc.  I also used the terminal to clone, fork and push my changes back into my repo before I issued a PR to the main branch. 

                I was hoping to be able to issue a PR using the terminal but I was getting errors, the syntax according to documentation is as follows “git request-pull [-p]  <start> <url> [<end>]” , I did some reading and found some posts on forums saying hot git and Github are 2 different things, and basically the PR terminal command git uses is a very old and not updated version of what Github uses, so I decided to use Githubs GUI for the PR.

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